Starting Over by Bob Gass

Starting OverSomeone once said ” Motivation is like taking a bath, it doesn’t last and that’s why we need it daily.” Starting over is a very inspirational, encouraging and uplifting book. It’s one of those books you keep on your shelf and read through every once in a while, to help you reset and keep things in perspective.

My copy was given to us as a wedding present over 5 years ago, while going through some old books, I found it and decided to read it. I would recommend this book especially for times when you are feeling low. The principles explained are simple but true.

 Bob Gass also writes the daily devotional “The word for you today.” Thanks to my mom for sending me copies quarterly. It’s her way of making sure that I read my Bible 🙂
I receive physical copies of the devotional but you can sign up for online access here

Deep Waters: Trusting God When Your Feet Can’t Touch Bottom by Nathalie Michelle

Deep Waters -AmazonI ran into Nathalie, the author of this book at a mutual friends place on Super bowl Sunday.  Our first meeting was a few years back at this same mutual friends engagement party. I had heard about story and could never imagine how difficult things were for her. She brought along copies of her new book to the Superbowl party and luckily, I had $20 in my wallet so I purchased a copy.I’m not really into American football, I was only at the Superbowl party for the food, friends and Beyonce’s half time performance :). So I spent the first half of the game, reading Nathalie’s book. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by her writing style. It was very easy to read and I settled into my own world and read about a quarter of the book during the game. Click here for more about this book