The Man in 3B by Carl Weber

The Man in 3B Book Review - Abis Book BlogI stopped by my neighborhood K-mart to pick up a few things the other day and noticed an African American/Urban books section. I perused the author names and decided to read some of the reviews on Amazon. This was when I discovered Carl Weber and his books. I decided to start out by reading “The Man in 3B” and boy was it a great read.

The Man in 3B follows the story of several black folks living in an apartment complex in an urban neighborhood. A new guy, Darryl moves into apartment 3B and immediately starts causing drama all over. All the ladies are swooning about him and would love to hook up with him. He eventually starts relationships with several of his neighbors, one thing leads to another and Darryl is suddenly killed in a gruesome way. The book follows all his relationships to determine who the killer is.

The drama in this book was intense, I loved the pace and the speed. The author wove the story and the details so well, you were left wondering what would come next. Reading this book was like watching a move unfold. The words leapt out of the page and left you in a daze. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for some real drama. Do keep in mind that there were several sexual scenes, so it would probably be rated R as an adult drama.

This book was made into a movie in 2015, but I believe the book is always better than the movie. That’s a personal belief, plus a friend confirmed that the movie was just alright. I look forward to reading other books by Carl Weber.

Author: Carl Weber
Link to book: The Man in 3B
Publishing date: Aug 2014
Pages: 384
Audio Version: The Man in 3B
Other books by the authors: The Family Business