We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

We're Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle UnionGabrielle Union is the lead actress on Being Mary Jane, a hit series on BET. She plays the role of Mary Jane Paul, a successful cable news anchor with a vibrant love life. Being Mary Jane is one of my favorite shows.

In reality, Gabrielle Union is one of the leading female black actresses in Hollywood. She’s famous for movies like Bring it On.

I was very excited to read her story. I didn’t quite know what to expect but here’s what I liked about the book.

  1. Her authenticity : she tells it all. She doesn’t hide any parts of herself and I applaud her for that. I mean who wants all their business out there.
  2. Her Humor: I found myself laughing hard when reading the stories. It was a much welcome break from work and other life stressors.
  3. She addresses very real issues. She gives her take on racism and being black in a mostly white neighborhood. Raising black step sons and never being enough, having to work twice as hard as a black person. She shares her real and true struggles. Things are not all gravy in hollywood. Despite having quite a bit of money/ financial security there’s a lot of insecurity and backbiting to rise up the ranks.

This is a fun, hilarious, light and quick read. Perfect for a beach trip or just relaxing. There’s a lot of talk about sex and lots of cursing too, so just keep that in mind. Grab your wine and get a copy!

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Publishing Date: October 2017

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