Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud

Abis Book Blog and Reviews : Necessary EndingsEndings can be very difficult for all involved. Depending on how you were raised, you may have a negative view of endings. But endings are certainly not all bad,  they go hand in hand in dealing with change. See this post for a few snippets on handling change. In this book, Dr. Henry Cloud helps sort through your thinking processes so that you can decide about an ending and execute it well.

 I picked up this book because I felt conflicted about a particular situation and needed to get things moving. I needed something to end but change is so difficult and I was not sure how to navigate the situation. My opinion was that this book would perhaps lead me to some form of clarity and give some advice on how to handle the situation in a positive way. Although change is difficult, not all change is bad. In fact some times, its very much needed for growth.

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