Starting Over by Bob Gass

Starting OverSomeone once said ” Motivation is like taking a bath, it doesn’t last and that’s why we need it daily.” Starting over is a very inspirational, encouraging and uplifting book. It’s one of those books you keep on your shelf and read through every once in a while, to help you reset and keep things in perspective.

My copy was given to us as a wedding present over 5 years ago, while going through some old books, I found it and decided to read it. I would recommend this book especially for times when you are feeling low. The principles explained are simple but true.

 Bob Gass also writes the daily devotional “The word for you today.” Thanks to my mom for sending me copies quarterly. It’s her way of making sure that I read my Bible 🙂
I receive physical copies of the devotional but you can sign up for online access here

Baby’s First Library Series


 The books from baby’s first library series are perfect for little ones. I started reading to my toddler when he was six months old and these books proved to be a hit. I love that there is only one main picture on each page and the word is spelled out at the bottom of each page. This way my little one is not distracted by too many pictures or objects. I have purchased 4 books in this series: Animals, Letters, Numbers & Things. I bought two of them from Burlington coat factory for about $4.99. Stores like TJMaxx and Ross in the US also sometimes have them available. These books are very sturdy, although, if you allow your little one to play with it, like I do, the pages may come apart. The books are quite big for a little one to hold measuring about 8 x 8 inches. I wish, they were a little bit smaller. Overall, my son loves them and they have helped him learn so many words. I would highly recommend this book for little ones from 6 months to perhaps 3 or 4 years.

Abis Book Blog and Reviews : Baby's First Library Series

You can find copies here online at

The publishers website is YoYo Books, they seem to have a good number of books but you won’t be able to purchase directly from their site.