Deep Waters: Trusting God When Your Feet Can’t Touch Bottom by Nathalie Michelle

Deep Waters -AmazonI ran into Nathalie, the author of this book at a mutual friends place on Super bowl Sunday. ¬†Our first meeting was a few years back at this same mutual friends engagement party. I had heard about story and could never imagine how difficult things were for her. She brought along copies of her new book to the Superbowl party and luckily, I had $20 in my wallet so I purchased a copy.I’m not really into American football, I was only at the Superbowl party for the food, friends and Beyonce’s half time performance :). So I spent the first half of the game, reading Nathalie’s book. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by her writing style. It was very easy to read and I settled into my own world and read about a quarter of the book during the game. Click here for more about this book